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read each paragraph and give me your opinion if you agree or disagree with it


Older people cannot make good decisions about important issues.According to the research, the reason why older people make bad decisions is that For example, in a study in which participants were paged at random times throughout a week to indicate what emotions they were experiencing, older adults were more likely to maintain positive emotions over time (Carstensen et al., 2000). Their negative effect also lasted for a shorter time than that of younger adults. Older adults generally experience less negative affect than younger adultsThese links between emotion and decisions are relevant for aging research because emotional experience changes with age and these changes may influence decisions. Frontal regions continue to change and develop long after childhood is over (Bartzokis et al., 2003). But the benefits of such plasticity appear to come with a cost. In particular, myelination in the frontal regions has properties that allow it to continue developing into middle age but that may also make it more vulnerable to aging (Bartzokis et al., 2003). Although older adults tend to evaluate risk in the same way as younger adults when they make decisions, they nevertheless appear to be risk avoidant because they avoid making decisions. Not taking risks that one should take, such as undergoing a potentially useful medical procedure that has some risks, can cause serious problems.


The myth I have chosen to research is that older people are not interested in sex and or intimacy which is completely inaccurate! Just because they are older doesn’t mean that they don’t find themselves attracted to others or no longer have hormones in their body creating sexual desires for others. According to Benbow and Beeston (2012) even though from their study a decrease in sexual activity did occur in the aging that still 42% of participants said they were still having weekly sexual encounters. 61% said their sexual interactions were more fulfilling even (Benbow and Beeston 2012)! This shows that the accuracy of this myth is not accurate once so ever. This research could be used to change this idea that just because you older means you are not intimate because just by getting the statistics out there could open up peoples eyes. Also just because they are older they should still be using different protections and it is another target market for things like condoms which protect you from STD’s. I don’t think this really relates to any social policies coming from older people but people should be aware. Just because they are older does not mean they do not function or have no desires as younger people once so ever!

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