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Read each paragraph and give me your opinion if you agree or disagree
The benefits that children who visit the playground as it relates to development. Development- various from risk taking, negotiation, exploring, and mostly important they learn to be responsible for their own actions says, Sandster. Additionally, Sandsters points out that our fear of kids being harmed is what creates fearful kids, in fact the kids that fall from heights between 5-9 years of age are less likely to be afraid of heights at the age of 18. Kids learn cooperation, coordination, fine motor skills, speech developing and social skills. I would have loved the playground described in the article, as a young girl we played in the backyard the dead end streets and on the corner of my block. We didn’t have the equipment needed to play tatter ball, but we found a pole on the corner tied a string to the ball and two players competed, then we used the fields for kick ball games and we were in such good shape. I recall in another student’s post where she said, “she barely ever spend time with her mom and dad. My parents were old school it was dinner, bath and if we lucky with got to watch one movie with them, other than that it us kids where left alone as the article title states.

Children who visit the playground are developing some very important and crucial skills, for instance communications skills with their peers, building relationships, self-confidence, learning to become independent and making decisions for themselves, diving into their creativity and passion. According to Rosin, H. (2014), childhood norms has exponentially shifted in one generation. Back in the 70’s eighty percent of third graders walked to school by themselves and by the 90’s that percentage dropped to just 9%, that is even lower now, Rosin, H. (2014).

According to Berk, L. E. (2017) Ericksons theory talks about industry vs inferiority, this consists of middle childhood when experiences lead kids to develop a good sense of competence of useful skills and tasks. You want your child to discover their own unique capacities, the value of labor, grow their sense of moral responsibilities and commitment, Berk, L. E. (2017). By not letting them develop in a healthy way it can backlash and the child can have a lack of confidence, inadequacy and not prepared for school life and they will let their fellow peers tear apart their self-confidence, Berk, L. E. (2017).

Yes, I would have! I grew up in a neighborhood where you knew everybody and during the holidays we would all go from house to house for different meals while the adults chatted inside and us kids would be riding our bikes around the neighborhood in the dark or who was the fastest biker rider (in the dark mind you). I hardly saw my mother on the weekends and literally walked or rode my bike everywhere around town (without a cell phone). Crazy to think that this is unheard of in today’s society. I did grow up in Walla Walla which is a relatively small quite town.

I would feel comfortable because even according to Rosin, H. (2014) they had playworkers keeping an eye on the children but rarely interfered with what they were doing. If you shield your child from all the possible “dangers” of life you’re essentially taking away what could have been good experiences which in turn would lead to healthy development.

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