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You will prepare and submit a term paper on (i dont know ,writer will firgure out the topic for me). Your paper should be a minimum of 3750 words in length. If one would go to the top floor of the Bank of America tower overlooking the park, the once capacious area below becomes cramped, as people move like ants in the limited space left. Yet people continue to engage in their own activities, oblivious of their compromised surroundings. For as long they are able to carry out their purpose in the place, all the rest remain strangers to them – never mind, if they are already literally rubbing elbows with one another. Nevertheless, this is typical in the urban land. While those who are used to living in the countryside may find this situation suffocating, it is quite astounding how city dwellers seem to have adopted survival strategies to cope with the continuously crowding area, as though they do not need space. Going back, an imaginary view of the Bryant Park on top of Bank of America tower creates a vivid and lively scene where stories are formed. Perhaps, in one of the couches in the Southwest Porch, there may be a woman who would say, “I just need space”, a typical spiel when two people are in the brink of breaking up. This line serves as an easy way to warrant the ending of a relationship, especially if the individual, for some reason, desires to get freed from whatever attachment – may it be physical or emotional. Although it may be an effective way out, there seems to be more to ‘needing space’ aside from a reasonable means to end a relationship. While the literal meaning of a space is a spot left empty, it remains to be related to its figurative definition such that the space between individuals actually separates them, limiting their social interaction and attachment. Yet for a place like Bryant Park, keeping a space seems impossible. But perhaps, the city dwellers’ concept of space has indeed gone beyond just a simple matter of geography. Introduction The innovation of the concept of space probably roots to the time of Edward T. Hall, an anthropologist whose field of interest and expertise centers on spacing behavior of individuals. Hall identified several terms related to space – most notable of which is the social space. By definition, social space is such which individuals feel comfortable enough to engage in occasional social interactions with friends and strangers. Moreover, Hall proposed that people have an unconscious perception of space which can be manifested by the way that they behave towards it and the people that they are sharing the physical space with. This behavior is largely based on the culture from which an individual belongs. As such, “public space always becomes cultural space” (Ferrell 14). Meanwhile, as a result of this proposed concept, social space has become a subject of studies for many years. Generally, these studies were geared towards simply finding out why this space exists and how it is manifested. Based on the findings, it is surprising that several factors actually account for what was once seen a simple yet perplexing matter. The present research also attempted to explore many aspects of this ambiguous concept. however, in the context of urban settings where crowding is inevitable and violation of physical space is likewise expected. It may be assumed that spacing behaviors could only be maintained in low-density situations when there is a small number people who can act on their respective assumed space.

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