Write 4 pages thesis on the topic a policy change in solstice sleep products (ssp).

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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic a policy change in solstice sleep products (ssp). Further, the impact of the new policy on various management functions will be evaluated before concluding with potential benefits of the policy. At SSP, the management levies greater importance to customer service but pays little attention to human resource management. This imbalance can be regarded as the cause for much dissatisfaction among workers and constant conflicts between management and workers. Workers perform their duties as per their supervisors’ instructions, which usually vary on a daily basis. A few of them work overtime on a continuous basis. these workers usually work overtime to earn some extra income as the worker incomes are not up to the mark considering the nature of their job and the pace of business growth. Imbalanced work allocation, extended working hours, and low wages are also causing increased stress, frustration and low motivation among workers. In order to improve the situation and bring about the harmonious working condition, it is important to change the way management has been functioning. Numerous measures would be required for effective human resources management, which may be difficult to implement at once. however, one significant change that could address many issues is the introduction of an effective performance management system. A new policy that could be of great benefit for SSP is the introduction of a comprehensive performance management system can be of great significance for the business as well as the management and workers. Performance management system can be used to measure productivity on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Moreover, individuals’ current and past performance can be used as the basis for their career progression, which will ensure that the supervisors and team leaders are well versed with the work being performed. Moreover, good performers can be encouraged for taking up additional responsibilities like training, supervision, guidance etc, which will not only improve the workers’ motivation but also help in building trust in management’s decision. The performance management system should include appraisal systems that need to be conducted half-yearly and annually for deciding pay hikes for the workers. Performance management system should also include rewards and recognition for the top performing workers and a feedback mechanism for the underperforming workers to improve. If promotions and career progression are linked with performance, it would be of great value to the business and to the workers. A comprehensive performance management will have a significant impact on various management functions in the long run, as well as has the capability to show its immediate impact. For instance, a number of workers required for a specific activity can be assessed by studying workers’ performance and productivity. Moreover, staff can be planned as per work volume or production demand if we can assess each worker’s ability. Depending upon the time taken to perform each activity, targets and expectations can be set, thereby avoiding the need for extended working hours. Based on the skills and efficiency of workers, work can be organized into various different units, from simpler tasks to complex ones.&nbsp.


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