Write 3 pages thesis on the topic food inc. reflection. Thus, purchasing cucumbers or tomatoes in winter consumers are just content with up-to-date service without any reflections about the quality or

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Write 3 pages thesis on the topic food inc. reflection. Thus, purchasing cucumbers or tomatoes in winter consumers are just content with up-to-date service without any reflections about the quality or presence of the vitamins in vegetables. We do not know all the truth about today’s food production and the most grievous thing is that the biggest part of us does not even wish to find it out, eating those food items that damage the state of health. We have got used to be unaware and allow listless companies to hide crucial information that brings them big profits at the expense of our lives. But now, due to a documentary movie “Food Inc.” by Robert Kenner, it is the right time to see things clearly and make an attempt to change something. Everything is in our hands, because where there is a will, there is a way. After watching mentioned documentary film a lot of food items that have been quite acceptable for you earlier start to be prohibited by your conscience so abruptly. Represented pictures of scared hogs in slaughterhouse along with crippled and unable to walk cows in the farms bring a shock to your mind. Having another portion of fry potatoes for your dinner, you have never thought about how exactly fast-food restaurants get raw materials for their menus. You have never imagined the conditions of cultivation and treatment of animals while choosing meal. Making a bite of hamburger, you have never known the story of three-year-old Kevin, who died because of the E-coli infection and whose mother still tries to reach justice. A documentary movie manages to open your eyes on the things that have been hidden from you for so many years. With its help you begin to realize that all this time you have been just a marionette in a rough fight for profits of food companies that do not care for your life, making production “faster, fatter, bigger, cheaper” (Kenner, 2008). The main point of the movie is an idea of own health protection with a help of persnickety and conscious food choice. “Food Inc.” reveals the process of whole industrial system changes. Nowadays agriculture develops rapidly. However, despite high technological level, the quality of the agricultural products continues to decrease. Companies cheat on consumers, providing them with attractively packed products, meanwhile, farmers feed animals with corn to make them grow faster and bigger that afterwards allow to cut prices. Tyson grower, Vince Edwards, stated, “If you can grow a chicken in forty nine days then why would you want to grow it in three month? More money in your pocket” (Kenner, 2008). This proves the fact that food companies make everything to receive additional revenue, being indifferent to ethical policy. Realizing all the consequences of unhealthy meals with a help of “Food Inc.”, I start to care about where my food comes from more carefully, while formerly this information has been totally uninteresting for me. When you do not know obvious things, you sincerely believe that everything that tastes good is clean and healthy. In addition, fast food products cost much cheaper than vegetables and fruits. That manages to make them so popular and attractive, creating a problem of people’s inability to buy expensive, though healthy, food. Divulging the secrets of food industry, stated documentary film compels you to think about your own diet more thoroughly.


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