What is the null hypothesis

What is the null hypothesis

COUN 515

Proposal Paper: Introduction Instructions

The introduction section of your research proposal is the first portion of the final research Proposal Paper. The research proposal introduction must stem naturally from the topic selection assignment that was completed in Module/Week 1. Once you finalize the topic selection, the introduction must be drafted using the bibliography as a starting point. The introduction must be no more than 2 pages and must include at least 5 citations and references from peer-reviewed literature in current APA format. The purpose of the introduction is to make a compelling case for the study (i.e., the research topic/question that you are proposing). Each assertion must be supported by a citation. Statistics and other data must be provided to make a compelling case for the significance of the problem. In addition, relevance to the counseling field must be established, and the introduction must include an articulation of how the proposed study fills a gap in the peer-reviewed literature. The introduction portion of your research proposal must explain the following:

· What is the problem statement (gap identified in the literature) this research addresses? This must be stated clearly.

· What is the purpose of the research proposal (how this study fills the gap)? This must be stated clearly.

· What is (are) the research question(s)?

· What is the researcher’s hypothesis?

· What is the null hypothesis?

· Why is this research question important? Include statistics to quantify the importance/need related to the topic.

· How will this research investigation contribute to the field of counseling?

This assignment will be submitted via Blackboard and LiveText.


This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3.

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