What does the confidence interval for the Word Reading subtest score mean

What does the confidence interval for the Word Reading subtest score mean

  Assessing Achievement using the WRAT4 and


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Assessing Achievement using the WRAT4 and Grades

Review the Case of Maria.

Discuss Maria’s behavior, grades, and her achievement test results with your Learning Team.

Respond to the questions that follow in 50 to 75 words each.

Case of Maria

Maria is a 10th grade student who has been referred to the school counselor because of her unacceptable behavior in the classroom and her poor peer relationships.

School personnel are concerned about Maria’s inability to function well in a school setting. Although she exhibits problematic behavior, it is not severe enough for suspension. Maria has an excellent vocabulary and a good sense of humor. However, she does not know how to respond to teasing or correction and seems to enjoy telling stories about how she gets back at people who offend her. In the classroom, Maria is frequently off task, asks inappropriate questions, comes unprepared, wanders about the classroom, and seeks to make herself the center of attention. Outside of the classroom, she keeps to herself, but she stands out in the crowd. Her mannerisms and dress set her apart. She appears to be preoccupied and seems to fear her parents, not wanting them to know what happens in school.

To obtain more information about Maria, the school counselor uses information related to her current grades, as well as her scores on the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT4).

Maria’s Current Grades (10th Grade):

English II C

Geometry C

Biology D

World History C

Physical Education B

Spanish I C

Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT4)

Subtest Standard Score Confidence Interval 95% Percentile Rank Stanine
Word Reading 127 116 – 138 95 8
Sentence Comprehension 125 115- 135 94 8
Spelling 139 127 – 151 99 9
Math Computation 124 111 – 137 93 8


1. Describe and interpret each of Maria’s subtest standard scores, percentile ranks, and stanine scores.

2. What does the confidence interval for the Word Reading subtest score mean?

3. Overall, what does Maria’s WRAT4 results tell you about her academic ability?

4. Are Maria’s WRAT4 subtest scores consistent with her grades? Explain.

5. What additional information would you like to have about Maria?

From Exercises from Assessment Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals (8th Ed.), by R. J. Drummond and K. D. Jones, 2016, Boston, MA: Pearson. Copyright 2016 by Pearson Education, Inc. Adapted with permission.

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