What did Erikson mean by generativity?, sociology homework help

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4.What did Erikson mean by generativity?

a. Promoting the welfare of the next generation

b. Becoming a generally well-rounded individual

c. Being generous and charitable to those less fortunate

d. Symbolizing the best in one’s generation

5. Osteoporosis may lead to

a. bone fractures.

b. arthritis.

c. hot flashes.

d. infertility.

6. When Aunt Libby stroked the sole of Tamara’s foot, the infant reacted by twisting her foot and fanning her toes outwardly. Tamara was displaying which reflex?

a. The rooting reflex

b. The palmar grasp reflex

c. The Babinski reflex

d. The Moro reflex

7.Which of the following would a newborn infant prefer to have in her bottle?

a. Salted water

b. Plain water

c. Sweetened water

d. Bitter water

8. Two-year-old Peter liked to tug on his dog’s tail. One day, he tried to pull the tail of the neighbor’s cat and the cat scratched him. After that, Peter knew that only some tails are safe to pull on. Peter’s learning reflects the process known as

a. assimilation.

b. maturation.

c. accommodation.

d. imprinting.

9. Even though the sex education teacher warned his class that there was an increase in the number of heterosexual teens who were contracting HIV/AIDS, Jimmy told himself that something like that would never happen to him, and so he persisted in having unsafe sex. Jimmy’s behavior exemplifies the

a. good boy – good girl orientation.

b. instrumental purpose orientation.

c. personal fable.

d. imaginary audience.

10. Which of the following tasks required fluid intelligence?

a. Knowing a synonym for the word enthusiastic.

b. Knowing how many legs a praying mantis has

c. Playing chess

d. Recalling the name of the capital of Delaware

11. One of the babies brought into the hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit had a malformed face characterized by a flattened nose, an undeveloped upper jaw, and widely spaced eyes. The nurse in charge correctly guessed that the mother had

a. smoked heavily while she was pregnant.

b. abused alcohol while she was pregnant.

c. failed to get enough folic acid early in her pregnancy.

d. been exposed to rubella while she was pregnant.

12. Renee is planning on going back to work just as soon as her new baby, Desiree, is three months old. What effect can she expect a high-quality day care center to have on her daughter?

a. She is likely to become less cooperative and willing to share than she would have been had Renee stayed home with her.

b. She is likely to become insecurely attached, whereas she would likely have been securely attached had Renee stayed home with her.

c. She is likely to become more independent than she would have been had Renee stayed home with her.

d. She is likely to have language and math skills deficits that she would not have had had her mother stayed home with her.

13. Dana, a second-grader, has lately begun to measure herself against others in her class. Compared to them, she thinks she is a very slow runner, terrible at cartwheels, and the worst rope jumper. Erik Erikson would say that she is at risk for developing feelings of

a. inferiority.

b. doubt.

c. mistrust.

d. guilt.

14. Hilda, who is in Piaget’s concrete operational stage, would have the most difficulty with which of the following tasks?

a. Arranging her dolls in order from the shortest to the tallest

b. Explaining what freedom is

c. Understanding that two halves of an apple are the same amount as four apple quarters

d. Recognizing that just because she’s happy does not mean that her friend is too

15. Audrey is in her late seventies. She is leading a full life and is in good mental and physical health. When asked by her neighbor next door who is also in her seventies, but not aging nearly as well what her secret is, Audrey replies with I do the best I can with what I have. If I don’t have it, or can’t do it, I find another way to take care of the situation. I pick my battles and focus on the things that are meaningful and important to me. Which of the behavior patterns associated with successful aging is Audrey describing?

a. Selective optimization and compensation.

b. Optimism

c. Self-challenge

d. Selective disengagement


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