What are some of the unique strategic challenges thatChristian universities face? How has the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic crisis impacted your life? Has it altered your perspective on day-to-day l

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What are some of the unique strategic challenges thatChristian universities face?

How has the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic crisis impacted your life?

Has it altered your perspective on day-to-day life? Family/Friends? Religion? Business? What will be the one thing you tell your grandchildren or future generations in 30 years? It should be 250-300 Words with all the references and need to respond for one of my classmates( Below) post..

Answer 1

Every educational University has some of the rules and regulation which has to be obeyed by every student in it. Every University right from the religious Universities and to the Government Universities there are some strategies which have to be followed by the University which is why the Christian universities have some strategies which have to be followed by the University and some guidelines which are supposedly for the Welfare of the students who are studying in the university. there are many secular colleges who are offering some political correctness and tolerance to the students which are from various other religious and due to this, secularism is getting different from the belief of personal expression and the right to express personal religious and political beliefs. There are many Christian universities who provide Christian scholarship for the Christian students which make sure that the Christian student will come forward and dedicate their educational life in a University and with a right amount of scholarship and the right amount of education will make sure that achieve the expected education by the student. All these strategies are known by the universities all around assnd there are always some facilities which are provided for the Student Welfare and the strategies make sure that the university provide all the Comforts and requirements which student required in his educational life (Klett, 2018).

Answer 2

Covid-19 or coronavirus this has been a kind of virus which has made people’s life if in a complete framing of health risk and economic depression. As this virus has no vaccination or there are very less amount of known cure for this virus it has been a tremendous problem and heat within the public which has made each and every person insecure for his life. Like every people the virus as the COVID-19 pandemic has some huge crisis in my life as it has impacted my life both positive as well as negative. Let’s see towards the positive impacts of the pandemic it has been a source by which has started knowing all the sanitizing processes which have to be used in normal life and to make sure that I make myself more immunized and increase my immunization power. The negative aspect of this pandemic is that people are losing their lives and the economy is completely following which is a crisis for each and every person in the country (Goyal et al, 2020).

Answer 3

Due to the COVID-19 in the Pandemic, it has changed many people’s perspective to look around the daily life as people have learned to be independent and less socialized. Usually there were people whose social life was the first preference and due to which people valued the social gathering and social status due to the pandemic people has learned to live independently and to live a positive side even if they are alone. People are connected to family friends and religion which is a good thing as in the fast process of living daily life people have completely ignored all forgotten family life and close friends. It is also very clear that due to the pandemic business has started completely getting depleted and lacking around the potential profits to all the business owners (Goyal et al, 2020).

Answer 4

It is understood that the future generation will know about the pandemic which is why I will tell my grandchildren’s to never stop their living a positive life and always be encouraging the good cause around us (Goyal et al, 2020).


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Klett, L.M. (2018). 5 Top Challenges Facing Christian Higher Education Today. Retrieved from, https://www.christianpost.com/news/5-top-challenges-facing-christian-higher-education-today.html Please write one response to this post and make sure without plagiarism.


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