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Early in this course, you selected a particular group of offenders who may require specialized assessment, treatment, or testing. Now, you will finalize your proposal for an appropriate forensic treatment program for this group.

Begin your proposal with an overview of the selected group.

This overview should include the following:

  • Characteristics associated with the selected group such as gender, sex, type of offense, age, ethnicity, possible mental health issues, substance abuse issues, etc.
  • Challenges and issues they may face in a correctional setting.
  • A thorough explanation regarding the development of a specialized program for this group and why it is important to those who belong to it and the correctional system as a whole.

Next, discuss the following:

  • Explain how you will determine who is eligible for your program.
  • Indicate which assessment methods and instruments you will use to determine this.
  • Determine which treatment model(s) you would use. Support your choice with information on relevant evidence-based practices.
  • Identify the possible challenges in treating this population within a forensic setting. Explain how you would modify treatment to address these challenges, and then explain how will you modify treatment to deal with these challenges.
  • Reveal ethical concerns or considerations related to the assessment or treatment of your population and their impact upon the proposed program. State how you would avoid ethical concerns in the program.

Be sure to include evidence based practices in relation to your assessment and treatment as you design this program.

Support your Signature Assignment with at least five references from peer-reviewed journals. Remember to incorporate the research you have located previously in this course to assist you in completing this last assignment.

Length: 10 pages 

I attached my week 2 assignment so it can be the same proposal 

it should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.





Summarize Studies of Special Populations in the Forensic Setting

Arlenn Campos

PSY-6506 V2: psychological evaluation and treatment

Dr. Carey Smith

May 15, 2022

Signature Assignment

The article “Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Among Prolific Young Robbery Offenders in London: Targeting Treatment for Desistance?” investigates the influence of early childhood experience among young robbery offenders in London and their implication treatment or desistance from offending. The study was conducted on 1249 suspects aged below 26 years who has been arrested in 2019 in London. 81 percent of the population was arrested for engaging in more than four robberies. 24 percent of robbery arrests were in the age bracket whereby 464 individual had been arrested. 65 arrestees among 81 were reported to threaten or used a knife when committing their crimes. 81 had a previous criminal record as suspects involved in 939 offences in 34 types of crimes which include theft, violence with injury, as well as possession of drugs (Hilder, Strang, & Kumar, 2021).

The researcher obtained extensive data on life history of 81 inmates with emphasis on adverse childhood experiences such as criminal victimization. Analysis of data was used to compare the prevalence with that of the general population. The study indicated that 80 percent of offenders had previous experience of crime victimization in offender such as assault with bodily harm, domestic violence and robbers. 63 percent had been reported as missing person in polices station, another 91 percent were known for social services, 49 percent were expelled from schools, while 35 percent of the population reported having incarceration of their family member (Hilder, Strang, & Kumar, 2021).

The study shows that there is a high level disproportion of adverse childhood exercised among the arrested young offenders aged below 26 years. The research suggested that population should be been treated through cognitive behavior therapies or any other treatment method that targeted addressing post-traumatic stress disorder. Thus, imprisonment will not help in preventing recidivism of their mental condition is not treated (Hilder, Strang, & Kumar, 2021).


Hilder, L., Strang, H., & Kumar, S. (2021). Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Among Prolific Young Robbery Offenders in London: Targeting Treatment for Desistance? Cambridge Journal of Evidence-Based Policing 5, 156-169.


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