Week 6 feedback

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 Your post was well written and quite thorough. You provided great emphasis and examples of potential challenges and things to consider when writing a results section. Personally, I found this section more enjoyable to create than other parts of the report so far. I also created my own graphs and tables to demonstrate the data analysis, which was kind of fun, lol. After developing your results section, what was the most challenging part of this step? And how did you overcome this issue? 

Running Head: WEEK 6 DISCUSSION 1


Week 6 Discussion




Strategies to Produce Result Section

The result section in a research study, is a vital section that presents the empirical analysis of the given research question. In most cases, the result section examines experimental data to produce decisions that affect the subject at hand. It is a critical section especially when the research question is related with human health since the results determines the final decision which no one wants it to be incorrect.

The result section should begin with the objectives and the research question of the study (Ratan et al., 2019). Potential sponsors can easily understand the area in which the proposal written belongs to and they can easily conceptualize the expectations of the study. The research question helps in determining the appropriate test statistics that should be conducted and the research design in general. Objectives of the study highlights the expectations which keeps the researcher in track to achieve expected results.

Hypotheses should be clearly stated, and the researcher should identify the claim to give the reader or sponsors a clue on expectations of the study (Hernandez, 2020). The agency personnel or sponsors can identify with ease whether the study conducted was meant for their consumption. These hypotheses guide the analysis and decision making based on the significant levels identified by the researcher.

The mode of presenting the results is highly effective in attracting the readers’ attention. Correct graphical representation of the analysis is one of the most easy and effective way of representing the analysis. An agency personnel or sponsor can easily see relationships of variables with ease which enables decision making process easier and effective. Comparisons of two products for example, can be represented with a column chart or pie chart and the sponsors or other readers can tell the ideal product for the given subject. Graphical representations are easy to read, understand and remember in most cases.

Tabular representation of the significant figures should be used to enable the potential sponsors or agency personnel to understand and scrutinize the basis of decisions that were made by the researcher. Summary tables can carry a lot of information that can be read briefly easing the decision-making process. Accuracy and general professionalism such as formatting and free grammatical errors reporting, is desired to attract the attention of the readers.

Challenges of writing a result section

Writing a result section can be challenging and a mistake done can lead to poor decisions which implies wrong implementations in a project setting. This could result to losses and the sponsors of the project may withdraw leading fiscal crisis and a fall finally.

Decision on what data to report and which one should be omitted is one of the challenges faced when writing a result section. Researchers should include significant values which directly answer the research question. Developing an analyzable research question can be quite challenging and may require experts and researchers with experience. While selecting significant values, some of the results can be negative which implies they do not support the outlined hypotheses. In this case, one can be tempted to omit mentioning these results which results to incomplete analysis.

The graphs developed can be confusing if they are not labeled well for to understand what the values represent. This is the same case with tables that are reported in the results section. They should be well labeled and represent the correct values as required, else, they will confuse the readers.

Some of the results sections such as intermediate calculations or even raw data can pause a challenge on where they should be reported. Researchers can place raw data and the calculations at the appendix and ensure that references are made in the result section.

Differences between results section for program evaluation and journal article

For a journal article, the results section only includes the reports the findings without interpretations while for program evaluation report, the findings are stated, and they are interpreted in the same section.

The journal article result section is education – oriented while the results section of the program evaluation report is designed to accurately interpret the analysis to stakeholders or sponsors who might have little or no statistical knowledge. In the case of program evaluation report, layperson language can be utilized to report the facts of the desired comparisons and analysis.


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