week 6 – assignment: create a suspect impressions report

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For this task, imagine that you have a suspect in custody and the opportunity to observe him/her while they are being detained. You are on the other side of the one-way mirror and are able to hear the questions and answers to many of the questions. The FBI agents will not ask all of the questions on the list below, but as the criminal profiler, you must still find the answers to these questions. In addition, you are required to think critically to generate, ask, and answer five more questions, in addition to the questions below.

  • What is the birth date of the perpetrator?
  • Is the perpetrator male or female?
  • Where was he/she born?
  • What is the perpetrator’s last home or last known address?
  • What types of crimes did he/she commit?
  • Who caught him/her?
  • What is the perpetrator known for?
  • Did he/she serve time in jail?
  • If yes, where, when, and how long?
  • What is the perpetrator’s height, weight, and other identifiable marks, such as markings/piercings on the body?
  • Does he/she have any known aliases?
  • What was the Modus Operandi used?
  • What are the possible motives for committing the crime?
  • Did he/she have a signature style when he/she committed the crime?
  • Who are the perpetrator’s friends or family?

You will write a assignment  including your first impressions of the suspect. In this assignment , be sure to answer the questions above, and then provide answers to five additional questions that are relevant to the suspect. You must make connections and collaborate to obtain and verify the information that you have been given. For example, if Ima Killer, the interviewee, states she was born in Boston, you will need to verify that information. Once “verified” you can include in your report that you verified with Mass General Hospital that the individual was born there. The goal of this part of the assignment is to demonstrate that you are putting all the pieces together and making educated guesses as you explore possible suspects. The educated guesses should be derived from theory, so review some of the previous weeks’ theory or research new theories and connect them within your pr. Make at least two scholarly connections to your suspect, the victim, or the crime scene. Each piece of the assignment, starting with analyzing the crime scene leads us to this important interview. If you are looking for a serial arsonist and notice he or she happens to smoke the same brand of cigarette found at the past three crime scenes, you have a lead. Not a definitive lead, but a strong lead that can be corroborated.

Length: 5-7 pages

References: a minimum of two resource

it  should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect doctoral-level writing and APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Week 6

Criminal Forensics

Arlenn Campos

Department of forensic psychology, Northcentral University

PSY-6507 V3: Criminal Profiling

Dr. Matthew Greyer

August 24, 2022


Week 6

From the opportunity I had to interact with the perpetrator, he appeared more disturbed

and worried about the situation he was experiencing. His face was gloomy and at the point, and

he could not find phantom appropriately what he intended to communicate at some point.

Anytime he expressed it, it appeared like he was so emotional and regretful, indicating a sight of

non-relief. From their appearance, he appeared encompassed, with mild thought and profound

reasoning. However, I ensured that I was calm, composed and relaxed to ensure that I could

induce the agitated and comprehensive InformationInformation from the perpetrator, which will

be impressive to obtain the crucial details fundamental for investigation.

What is the birth date of the perpetrator?

The hospital details and InformationInformation obtained from the valentine healthcare

sector indicates that Brighton Washington was born on 7th July 1990, by his parent, Arthur

Washington and Angela Washington, in Orlando city in Florida states.

Is the perpetrator male or female?

The birth details obtained from the valentine institution indicated that he is a male whose

parent has been living in Orlando.

Where were they born?

The perpetrator’s birth details and InformationInformation obtained from the relevant

authorities in Florida states indicate that Brighton Washington was born in Orlando city.

What types of crimes did they commit?


The wording is a bit off at several points in this paper. Try writing for being precise. If the individual seemed confused, then state the individual seemed confused.
I do not understand this. Proofreading would have caught this error.
parents? And I am not certain this is flowing well.
Page numbering is not in APA style.

Week 6

The information obtained from the Federal Bureau of investigation occurrence book

indicated that Brighton Washington was involved in the crime scene where Cristina Perilous was

murdered on 10th August 2022 under unclear circumstances. The detail suggests that he was

found holding the gun, and the gun cartilage was found close to where the body of the individual

killed was, hence locating him directly at the crime scene.

Who caught them?

There is divergent evidence which places the perpetrator at the crime scene. For

example, the footage from the Closed-circuit television show indicates how the crime happened

and the eventuality which could have resulted in the murder case. From the camera, there is a

scuffle between the perpetrator and the woman murdered at the crime scene. Additionally, there

is two witness man and a woman who recorded the statement with the FBI on the occurrence of

the situation, which could have transpired during the murder shooting. From the crime scene,

there were various specimens which were corrected and which were crucial in the investigation.

For example, there was an exhibit of the guns and cartilage used. There is also an implication of

the blood stain specimen.

What is the perpetrator known for?

The forensic InformationInformation obtained, especially from LinkedIn, indicates that

Brighton Washington has been a practising nurse for more than three years in prestigious

healthcare. Before that, he was a supervisor in a Streaming love restaurant in the city where he

had worked for two years. Thus, most people identify and know him as a professional and

dedicated nurse practitioner who is well endowed and articulate in instigating professional care

for the patient.


I am thinking you are having difficulties with capitalizing as well.

Week 6

Did he/she serve time in jail?

There is no indication from the FBI relating the previous wrongdoing or the criminal

activities conducted by the perpetrator for the entire of his life.

“What are the perpetrator’s height, weight, and other identifiable marks, such as

markings/piercings on the body?”

The perpetrator’ is around 5fts, and he is about 65kgs. He has a piercing mark on the

right ear, which seems more indictable in his early adulthood. He also has a complementary

Tattoo on his left hand


Do they have any known aliases?

There is evidence which implicates him with the Aliases in his early adulthood. He was referred

to as the hyper coordinator, the nickname agitated by his love for the royal parties.

What was the Modus Operandi used?

On the eventuality of the crime, the individual who was inducted as the perpetrator was

wearing a purple cowboy hat; he possessed a silver gun which appeared to have the mother

pearled handle. He seemed bearded and had a black Gucci bag, which appeared to be used to

keep the physical object he used to trigger the woman he was with during the crime scene

(Nikkel, 2020). However, the movement of the perpetrator during the location of the crime does

not indicate that he had done any related crime as there is an indication of unceternity and the

sense of un calmness which happened and the eventuality.


Week 6

What are the possible motives for committing the crime?

The possible motive which could have agitated the perpetrator from committing the crime

is the right realism. From the forensics analysis and data corrected from the crime scene, there

is an indication that the perpetrator was capable of making their own choices which indulged the

crime. For example, in his sense, he triggered the gun cartilage towards the woman she was in

company with after the scuffle was experienced. The idea, in her sense, as well, though,

especially the agitation which will follow after committing the crime. Herein the motive can be

reinforced by the indulgence of the rational choice theory, which indicates that people generally

act in their self-interest hence deciding to commit a crime even after weight the potential risk,

which can happen as the rewards after the happening of the crime.

Additionally, the other motive which could have agitated the perpetrator to commit the

crime could be the feminist perspective which indicates that men disproportionally commit the

crime. The information originates from the idea and thought of female criminologist Elizabeth

Stanko who indicated the preference for masculine behaviours to draw into attention the

maleness of crime. The theory implicates the higher chances, which keeps the male gender in

the dominant class hence heightening the chances of domestic violence, which can result in the

culprit’s death. The concept could be reflected in the case scenario from the analysis obtained

from the scene of the murder.

Did they have a signature style when they committed the crime?

From the surveillance of the CCTV Footage and their forensic analysis from the data

corrected in the scene of the crime, there is no activity indicating the use of the signature style

for the perpetrator while committing the crime. He appears disturbed by the scene, the


This should have likely been supported by a reference.

Week 6

psychological analysis which implicates that the perpetrator was remorseful of the eventuality

which happened. The only mark tool which was identified in the case scenario was the

identification of cartilage. However, the positioning of the murder, especially from the position

of the gun shoot, implicates that the offender was not so specialized in using the gun, indicating

the probability of aggression.

Who are the perpetrator’s friends or family?

The perpetrator’s friends and family live in Orlando city in Florida states. Although he

was not living together with the family member, there is an indication that they were almost in

the same environment. Most of his friends, especially those in college, lived in the same

surrounding. However, no profound reasoning has implicated or associated the perpetrator’s

family or friends with the heinous acts he committed.

What does the InformationInformation on the characteristics of murderers cover


From the InformationInformation obtained from the divergent area, the character of the

perpetrators was not demanding. For example, in the scene of the working environment, she

was described as humble, hardworking and hardworking ( Dalal & Juneja, 2018). However,

there is an indication of the psychological theory of crime which is dissipated by the perpetrator,

which indicates that the criminal behaviour could be the result of the individual in the thinking

procedure. For example, in the case scenario, there is an indication which implicates the failure

in psychological development, which indicates the possibility of the person developing trouble.

In this case, the perpetrator indicated an underdeveloped conscience; thus, there was the

possibility that he was doing what he wanted without thinking about the right or wrong


Week 6

implication of the activities. Moreover, there is the possibility that the perpetrator was eluded

with the behaviour of aggression and violence.

What was your reaction to the perpetrator of the incident?

The perpetrator indicated that he was not willing to commit the murder, but internal

factors triggered his sense to commit the crime. The physical appearance that he detected while

being interrogated implicated the feeling of remorse and regretted the activities and the

eventualities which resulted in the murder case.

Are there people who possess relevant InformationInformation about the perpetrators?

Some possible people could be posing the relevant document and InformationInformation

regarding the murder case. From the forensic database, there are details which indicate the call

logs. The fear and anxiety could probably be the factor which could have instigated the

perpetrator to call. The idea could have been agitated to find if he could have attained advice or

help from his friends out of the challenges he was facing. Thus, the friends and some family

members contained the relevant InformationInformation which could be effective in the

investigation procedure.

What are some of the criminology theories which put the perpetrators at the crime scene?

From the forensic analysis, various criminology theories put the perpetrator at the crime

scene. For example, through the induction of the victim precipitation theory, there was a sense

of character which indicated that the victim precipitated the crime. Moreover, through the

implication of the lifestyle theory, there could be the indication that the perpetrator’ could be the

victim of the crime due to their endowed lifestyle and choices. The Deviant place theory could


Week 6

also be the probability theory which had the ability and assumption to keep the perpetrator’ at the

crime scene. The idea implicated the possibility of the individual becoming the victim of the

crime whenever exposed to a dangerous area, which was among the probable assumption for the

victim in the murder case.

Who was the victim at the scene of the crime?

The victim at the scene of the crime was 28 years old woman from Orlando city in

Florida states. It alleged that she was in a casual relationship with the perpetrator. The forensic

data analysis indicated that she was brutally murdered through a gun trigger from the back of her



Again, you could have easily brought in research to support this.

Week 6


Nikkel, B. (2020). Fintech forensics: Criminal investigation and digital evidence in financial

technologies. Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation, 33, 200908.

Dalal, M., & Juneja, M. (2018). Video steganalysis to obstruct criminal activities for digital

forensics: a survey. International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics,

10(4), 338-355.


References not in alphetical order as per APA Publicaiton Manual – 7th edition guidelines
  • PSY-6507 V3: Criminal Profiling
  • Dr. Matthew Greyer
  • August 24, 2022

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