Week 5

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In week 3 you conducted a lit erature revi ew using the course competencies as a guide in choosing the articles. For this week you will take that information and incorporate it into a final p aper. The p aper is not just the l iterature rev iew; it is a culmination of what you have learned over the course and as in week 3 use the course competencies as a guide to developing your p aper. attached is week 3 literature review.

  1. Major concepts of biological psychology.
  2. Biological systems and operations (e.g., vision, hearing, cognition, immunity, and nervousness).
  3. Connection between bodily systems.
  4. Chemical and electrical influences on bodily operations.
  5. Biological systems on mental health and daily patterns (e.g., the sleep-wake cycle).
  6. Influence of external sources of stress on the regulation or dysregulation of bodily systems.
  7. Impact of biology on learning.
  8. Historical influences on contemporary aspects of culture resulting in identified mental health phenomena.
  9. Modern influences on biological psychology through an exploration of the literature and culture.

Your p aper should adhere to the following g uidelines: For the main sections, it should have:

  • A title p age
  • An abstract (not more than 2 50 wo rds)
  • An introduction
  • A literature review
  • Discussion or conclusions
  • References

Introduction: This should be one to two p ages in length. The introduction provides a brief overview of what will be covered and the purpose of the research p aper.

Literature review: The literature review is taken in part from what you wrote in Week 3. The literature review is not a copy of that material. Rather, it is a synthesis of the material you found into a cohesive review of the literature on your chosen topic.

Discussion and conclusions: The difference between a great r esearch p aper and a marginal one is the depth and originality of the discussion and conclusions section. This is where you bring together what you learned from the literature review (as well as through the course) in your concluding remarks regarding your topic. The discussion and conclusions section should be one to two p ages in length.

Submission Details:

  • Reference page: Remember to follow the APA format and style.

Annotated Bibliography

“Influence of external sources of stress on the regulation or dysregulation of bodily systems”

1. Gentsch, A., & Kuehn, E. (2022). Clinical Manifestations of Body Memories: The Impact of Past Bodily Experiences on Mental Health. Brain Sciences.


Bodily systems often react in a certain way that is related to past bodily experiences as they activate brain networks related to perception and high-order processing. The study explores negative body memories that are stored and influence behavior as well as lead to mental health issues such as; somatic symptoms, and traumatic re-experiences. The main discussion of the article is the investigation of neuronal mechanisms which store and retrieve body memories leading to mental health issues (Gentsch & Kuehn, 2022).


The article suggests that negative experiences of the past can have an impact on the behavior of bodily systems and influence the behavior of an individual. The painful memories of the past can lead to mental health conditions as they can be retrieved and make a person sensitive. The storage of memories consisting of pain, distress, and trauma can be retrieved when triggered leading to negative impact on the mental health of an individual.

2. Cheung, M.-c., Lai, J. S., & Yip, J. (2022). Influences of Smartphone and Computer Use on Health-Related Quality of Life of Early Adolescents. International journal of Environment Research and Public health.

The study is based on the number of times adolescents utilize smart phones and computers and the influence it has on the quality of their health. There were about 650 adolescents gathered, with the help of a 36-item short-form health survey adolescents’ health-related quality of life was measured. The average time used on computers was about one hour in a day and four hours in terms of smart phones. The results indicated that early adolescents that used most of their time on smart phones and computers had poor outcomes in quality of life in terms of the physical and mental domain of health (Cheung, Lai, & Yip, 2022).


Even though smart phones and computers have a lot of benefits when it comes to learning and exploring knowledge, the study proves that they can harm the mental and physical health as well as the social activity of adolescents depending upon the amount of time they use them.

“Historical influences on contemporary aspects of culture resulting in identified mental health phenomena.”

1. Maxwell, D., Mauldin, R., Thomas, J., & Holland, V. (2022). American Indian Motherhood and Historical Trauma: Keetoowah Experiences of Becoming Mothers. International Journal of Environment Research and Public health.


The study determines the maternal mental health challenges historical trauma constant colonization of motherhood in American Indian mothers, postpartum depression is one of the most common disorders among women who give birth following their child’s birth. There are multiple reasons why women are affected by it, and social and cultural norms lead women to maternal mental health issues due to historical trauma. The study mainly focuses on the women of the Keetoowah tribe who face this kind of depression due lack of culturally appropriate mental health care (Maxwell, Mauldin, Thomas, & Holland, 2022).


Trauma can go on for years and impact generations leading to historical behaviors in the communities, postpartum depression is one of the kinds of trauma that is often found in women when they give birth to their child which makes them hate their newborn and lose interest in everyday life. The strength-based approach and determination of trauma can help reduce the impact of depression among mothers through culturally appropriate mental health practices.

2. Spennemann, D. H. (2022). The Nexus between Cultural Heritage Management and the Mental Health of Urban Communities. Land; Basel.


This study determines the role of the cultural heritage sites in the development of community and its identity in society as well as the contribution that has been made through those sites to the heritage of the country including attachment and implication to the personal and community mental health as they are the ones who reflect the values of the community (Spennemann, 2022).


The cultural sites have their importance as they reflect the identification of the community allowing them to showcase their values and historical identity in the society as it reflects the community at large, managing one’s heritage can become an essential element of the social policy and it can contribute to the mental health of the community by giving them a sense of belongingness.

“Chemical and electrical influences on bodily operations”

1. Patel, V., Chesmore, A., Legner, C. M., & Pandey, S. (2022). Trends in Workplace Wearable Technologies and Connected‐Worker Solutions for Next‐Generation Occupational Safety, Health, and Productivity. Advanced Intelligent Systems; Weinheim.


The article focuses on the latest workplace trends about technologies that are wearable and help in increasing productivity and safety of workers as well as connectivity among them. Recently, the workplaces are enabling technologies to increase productivity, and monitor risks, accidents, or diseases. This has become essential to give workers a healthy working environment along with smart hardware and software tools for identifying and reducing any risks or hazards related to health. The wearable devices allow monitoring of workers as well as the environment of the workplace, it also makes the workplace a connected place to make better decisions and spread information swiftly. Workplace technology involves wearable that helps in tracking assets, augmented reality, gestures, and motion control as well as management of stress among employees (Patel, Chesmore, Legner, & Pandey, 2022).


The workplace wearable technologies can help in determining the behavior of the individuals as well as it can keep an eye on the changing behaviors and health of employees to keep track of their health and help them. The connected worker solution enables workers to have a safe environment and share information that will increase their productivity.

1. Oehrn, C. R., Molitor, L., Krause, K., Niehaus, H., Schmidt, L., & al. , e. (2022). Non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation in epilepsy patients enhances cooperative behavior in the prisoner’s dilemma task. Scientific reports (nature publisher group).


The article discusses the relationship between the vagus nerve and the central nervous system, the vagal activity has an impact on the different cognitive processes as well as social cognition, and the stimulation of the vagus nerve is related to increased reward-seeking and releasing of dopamine in the brain. The study hypothesizes that vagus nerve stimulation increases the rewarding aspects of social behavior, including a comparison of the impact of the transcutaneous vagus nerve and sham stimulation on social interaction in 19 patients with epilepsy. The stimulation of the nerve leads to cooperative behavior as well as impacts the characteristics of the patient, the study gives out as evidence for the causal influence of vagus nerve activity when it comes to social interaction (Oehrn, et al., 2022).


The study shows that vagus nerve activity has an important role when it comes to social interaction and cooperative behavior of individuals, behavioral model determines that the effect of VNS on stimulation occurs at the initial stages of decision making even before the stimulus processes.


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