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Utilizing a Johari Window
To prepare for this Essay, consider the following quote:
I have yet to find the man, however exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism. Charles Schwab
Quote Reference:
McEwen, B. (n.d.). Giving effective feedback. Retrieved from http://www.givingeffectivefeedback.com/
Although it would be much more pleasant to only give compliments, positive reinforcement, and praise, it is sometimes necessary to give negative feedback to another individual. Just because the feedback may be negative, if handled properly, the encounter does not need to be negative, but can be a positive, learning experience for all involved.
For this essat, you will need to complete the exercise outlined in the Armstrong article, which is as follows:
Think of someone with whom you have had or currently have a communication problem. Create a Johari window for yourself and for the other individual and fill in the window frames. Try to be as accurate and honest as you can.
After reviewing the Resources for this week, comment on the following:
-Briefly summarize the communication problem.
Next, answer the following questions:
How might you be able to open up your window in order to improve communication?
How can you help the other individual open up their window?
What do you see is the value of a Johari window to bring about understanding and change?
How can you use the principles you have explored in this course to give negative feedback in such a way that the individual feels a “spirit of approval?”
What are the challenges of giving negative feedback in a positive way?
In the situation you have described, what is some positive feedback that you could honestly give the person? How important is it to include positive feedback in conversations?
How could you use the Johari window in a coaching situation? A mentoring situation?
Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Resources and any additional sources.
Utilizing the Confrontation Model and Feedback
Use the Confrontation Model outlined in your Scott book (see Appendix) to address the same communication problem described in Discussion 2. Recall that the Confrontation Model features 10 steps, which take you through making an opening statement, interacting with a partner, and determining a resolution.
First, to better analyze the problem, answer the questions on the worksheet titled, “Preparing an Issue for Discussion” (p. 253).
Next, prepare the Opening Statement for the discussion, as outlined by Scott (p. 254).
Share the information on the worksheet and your opening statement with your partner. Using the information included in Box 9.2 in your Hunt and Weintraub text, provide feedback to each other on the issue outlined and the plan for addressing the issue.


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