Rogerian argument – 3 to 4 pages and 4 sources

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at least 3-4 pages and 4 sources. 

Topic:  Israel-Palestanian conflict.  

you’re sopuse to be the objective observor, explore the issue from the angle of an objective third party, find 4 sources that are a combination of <for, against, and neutral> of the issue.  

I.                   Introduction: Introduce the topic in a way that interests and hooks your reader; introduce the two viewpoints; provide any necessary background info. thesis statement that clearly explains the significance of this issue and the importance of finding a common ground agreement. 

 II.             Body:  analyze each source by explaining what their arguments are and the strengths and weaknesses of each. then identify and explain shared values and common goals. 

III.            conclusion: conclude by offering a compromise that supports the shared values and goals of each side. explain why this solusion is the most reasnoable. 

             < the two-state-solution (israel and palestine)>  

– works cited page.  




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