can you repones to these three people with 25 words

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Guided Response: Respond to at least two peers. Your replies should include a question about the incorporation of CCSS and the Framework for 21st Century learning in your peers’ posts and should offer an additional resource for consideration that supports an alternative viewpoint. Though two replies is the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you, including the instructor. Responding to the replies given to you will further the conversation and provide additional opportunities for you to demonstrate your content expertise, critical thinking, and real world experiences with this topic.


 First person to response to is Sharita Sims


Flipped classrooms have been obtaining a lot of issues for a while but it is a great method to use because it allows the educator and students to hold lectures and elements of homework, which is a good way for the educator and students to help each other. Flipped classrooms can seem challenging but it is a great method to use because it allows the educators to experiment by using different ways to deliver the teachings and lessons inside and outside the classrooms.


Technology is used in flipped classrooms by allowing the educator to give the students links to videos online, which they will have to watch them at home, and the next day’s discussion will be a review of the video. Technology is a great incorporation to the flipped classroom because it helps to increase the students’ engagement. Assessments are given to test the students’ knowledge on the lessons and the results helps the educators know and understand what decisions are best for the students and their educational level and growth.


Second person is Clarinette Eves


Flipped Classroom is a modern approach where instruction is implemented differently and technologically. It is a time consuming, and a convenient tool for teachers and students to teach and learn different content areas. The instruction delivery is supported or implemented through computers, videos, and other usage of technology. Students’ spend more time listening and engaging in instructions from videos and gaming rather than from teacher in person. Buczy (2011) stated, “It is a pedagogical model in which the teacher reverses the typical lecture and homework format of a course. It allows differentiation instruction as students become exposed to multiple means of engagement and multiple modes of instructional delivery.” Therefore, students are able to engage and learn individually from home and in the classroom using this method with or without the teacher present.


However, as time changes and our modern technical world improved drastically, we cannot expect this approach to be 100% effective. Newman (2012) identified some of the potential and understandable disadvantages of the flipped classroom. He stated, “Its reliance on home-based technology is ineffective. The reality for many students may be that they have no access at home to the online assignments they are expected to engage in. If there are multiple children in the home, they will need multiple computers, and this need may also cause a problem for many families. Schools must be ready to provide alternative resources, but, of course, that limits the flipped model’s advantage of providing self-directed learning at the time of the student’s choosing.” As a result, the challenges teachers and students will face will cause a predicament of this approach.


Using this approach has its benefit and disadvantage. Having students practice and do their homework from home on a computer can help them improve their mathematics’ skills and their English-skills. Nevertheless, we must look into the other percentage of students who does not have access to computers or Internet access at home, but I do believe it can be a positive impact. For instance, our level 8 students last year implemented an online mathematical program called (IXL), where students can access it from home to practice the mathematical skills they have learned in the previous class. Majority of the students improved their mathematical skills because they were able to practice from home or available places. However, other percent of the students had a hard time because of the lack of computers and access to any Internet connection.


Our school implemented different Reading online programs where students read articles online and answer questions and write reflections. These programs helped students engage in reading and writing in a more modern way of learning. However, some of the disadvantages we experienced aside from lack of computers, students had other people did their work for them. Other than that, using a flipped classroom is an excellent approach while teaching students in the 21st century. 


Instructor Kyger response to my teacher too




Class, let’s continue the conversation, but first how about a quick video:  Engage Me is a video presented by elementary school students on their desire to use technology in the classroom. What this video epitomizes is that schools today must go beyond the basic 3R’s, reading, writing and arithmetic. Schools must engage children in the learning process. When we engage students in the learning process, helping them see real world value in what they are studying, we foster a love of learning that will carry them on to be lifetime learners.  


Considering the idea of the Flipped classroom, can this be done in all settings K-12 or does it lend itself to one grade level/subject? Do you feel that CCSS and 21st Century learning support the ideology that community must be involved in all student learning in order for there to be success?


References: Engage Me! Video retrieved from

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