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 Write a 3 page essay agreeing or disagreeing with the following statement: “Jewish and Italian immigrant women had the same experiences on the lower east side of New York City in the period 1890-1925. This proves that gender is more important than ethnicity in understanding the immigrant’s experience.”   Submit this essay to the Week Two discussion forum by Day 3 (Wednesday). 


 Your essay must:


•       Take a clear position of agreement or disagreement.

•       Support that position with evidence.

•       Defend that position from counterarguments.


To write a good essay, you will need to:


•       Read materials accurately.

•       Realize that the readings have authors who have personal points of view and biases.

•       Recognize historical and sociological theses (propositions advanced for discussion or proof).

•       Use written sources as evidence.

•       State and defend your own thesis.

•       Defend your thesis against counterarguments.


 To write a good essay, you will also need to:


•       Make sure it is grammatically correct.

•       Make sure all words are spelled correctly.

•       Make sure it is effectively organized (Thesis, Argument, Evidence, Defense, Conclusion).

•       Use APA citation system to properly credit written evidence or others’ ideas.

•       Make sure that the text portion of your essay is a minimum of 3 full pages in length (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font).



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