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Writing: Formal Study of a Drawing Project by a contemporary artist

This assignment will count toward the 20% of your final grade.

Draft Due: Monday, March 23, midnight, upload to Blackboard, name it as “Study Of A Drawing First Name Last Name Draft”
Format: 3-5 pages (750 words min), double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font. Cite your sources, MLA style.


• Select one or two Drawing Projects by the SAME ARTIST from the list below:

Please note: Projects I’ve selected make more sense as series – I want you to think cumulatively about the work! What it meant for the artist, their approach etc.

1. Vija Celmins

Vija Celmins, Untitled (Ocean), 1970, Graphite on acrylic ground on paper. File – VijaCelmins_01.jpg

Vija Celmins, Ocean: 7 Steps #2, 1973, Graphite on acrylic ground on paper. File – VijaCelmins_02.jpg

• Go online and search for information such as articles/interviews/videos about the Project/Piece and the Artist in general and

produce a review addressing the following:

• Give the review a title, that is not generic such as “art review”;;

• Provide some basic and relevant information about the artist(s);

• Describe the physical nature of the work: size (give a reference), material, mode of presentation, the nature of the exhibition space;

• Describe the work, the subject matter, the composition. (FORM+SUBJECT+CONTENT) – See presentation on Blackboard

• Analysis (how it is done and why do you think the artist chose this way):

the formal elements of the work: lines, perspective, figure/ground relationship, balance, proportion, movement, depth,

tone values, tone and shape relationships, etc. everything we talked about so far.

• Describe, in very specific terms, your response to and interest in this work. Why do you find it interesting,

what do you find that you did not expect, how does it influence your view of the work’s subject or of art in general?

(I know that I’m giving you only 3 artists to research, but for this assignment you have to accept these limitations)

• You may add your own sketches to accompany your writing, but the images do not count towards the three full pages of minimal requirement.

Attach the images on a separate sheet at the end.

• The draft must be as finished as possible, no “note to self, talk about balance here”.

• Please, DO NOT GIVE ME A MILLION QUOTES! – I need to see your own personal analysis of the Drawing Project!

There is no studio assignment (except for sketches – submit via Blackboard or email) this week since we are waiting on materials, work on the writing.

After the draft, you will get feedback and a preliminary grade, and have more time to finish the essay. Name your file as “Study Of A Drawing First Name Last Name”

Image files are on the Blackboard; For those of you who can’ download from Blackboard – links are provided above.


Tips on earning a decent grade

• Follow the requirements! Address everything outlined above.

• Submit the draft on time.

• Have a title, that is not “Art Review”;

• If you used sources, properly cite them;

• No grammar mistakes (use Grammarly, go to the writing center, ask a friend to proofread);

Tips on earning a good grade

• Go above and beyond the minimal requirement:

• Brief artist info is not from Wikipedia (other sources: artist’s website, reviews written on the artist, interviews/videos);

• Write more than 3 pages (750 words);

• Be very specific and personal, offer insights, connect the work of art to yourself.

• Include your own sketches;

• Be critical.

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