write an essay about the hippies by reading book of the hippies a 1960s history written by john a moretta

The papers are to be a minimum of 6 typed, double-spaced pages, with no more than one

inch margins on the sides and top and bottom of page. 12-pt. font, please.

In this book “The Hippies” There is a lot of cool information about people, events, rock music, etc. You will be

introduced into a very fascinating world of drugs, sex, music, and people celebrating life by

simply enjoying it in as many creative ways as they possibly could. Indeed, there will be much

that the hippies did that many of you can relate to, even now, even if you are a millennial,

which I am sure most of you are. Today’s “hipsters” to me, are simply my old 1960s hippie

friends “reduxed.”

The 1960s proved to be one of the most pivotal, change decades in the 20th century. Indeed,

there was a United States before the 1960s, especially before 1968 (the watershed year of that

decade) and a US after the 1960s. One of the reasons why the 1960s was such a crucial decade

was the fact that never before had so many younger Americans appeared to have galvanized

into such mass protest and resistance not only to the socio-cultural status quo of their time, but

against the government led by the Democratic party and its liberal policies. Even before the

Vietnam War became the raison d’etre of the 1960s youth rebellion, other affinity groups found

plenty wrong with 1960s American culture and society and decided to try to establish their own

alternative community within the macro-capitalist bourgeois consume culture. They called

themselves the hippies and through a variety of celebrations, drugs, sex, love, and music,

believed they represented the possibility of a “new consciousness” for the United States that

would soon embrace everyone and change the United States for the better.

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