persuasive speech 9

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This assignment will assess the following competencies:

1. Develop a speech topic to fulfill specific purposes.
2. Apply various speech delivery techniques.
6. Compose a persuasive speech.

Directions: Prepare and deliver a 7-10 minute persuasive speech using one of the following methods:
Speech persuades by using evidence and reasoning (argument).
Speech persuades by using speaker credibility (ethos).
Speech persuades by appealing to fundamental physiological, psychological, or social needs/wants/desires.
Speech persuades by using the “Motivated Sequence”

You will use the Persuasive Speech Worksheet to submit this assignment.

Make sure your speech meets the following requirements:

  • Introduction begins with an attention getter that is a startling statement, rhetorical question, quotation, or statistic. Introduction includes a thesis that combines the purpose and topic statement and a forecast of the main points.
  • Speech is organized in clear sections (introduction, body, and conclusion). Body includes 3-6 main points. Transitions between sections and main points are clear.
  • A problem and a solution are clearly identified and addressed appropriately by the chosen method of persuasion.
  • At least two credible sources are referenced during the speech. Information is quoted or paraphrased and provides meaningful support of the persuasion speech topic.
  • At least one main counterpoint perspective is considered and addressed.
  • Presentation accommodates audience diversity in terms of age, education, cultural background, and knowledge of the topic.
  • Conclusion contains one or two of the following: summary of key ideas, quotation (emotional or factual), rhetorical question, challenge to the audience, or call or action. Conclusion avoids dragging on and contains no new material.
  • Speaker conveys interest, sincerity, and believability through ongoing eye contact with the audience.
  • Speaker avoids distracting movements, can be seen from the shoulders up, and occasionally uses hand motions. Speaker varies speaking rate and volume. Speaker uses correct pronunciation and diction.
  • Speech is between 7 and 10 minutes (30 second grace period either way).

Remember, do not “read” from your outline or notes. Your delivery should seem natural and memorized with only brief glances at your outline or notes if needed.

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