linus kernel

It was announced yesterday that Microsoft will be releasing a Linux kernel to help secure and control their Internet of Things (IoT) Microcontrollers for connectivity features ( With last week’s discussion centering around MS SQL Server and Linux, this new announcement takes this one step further. Now, this is not a full-fledged Linux operating system, but it is a tremendous step toward combining the ideas of open-source and closed-source software.

I will award up to 50 bonus points to any student who wishes to write a short paper about this topic. The paper must be turned in by the end of next week and meet the following standards:

  • A minimum of two pages in length
  • 12-point, Times New Roman or Arial, 1-inch margins
  • Double-spaced
  • At least one resource (and not the one I posted here), properly cited and referenced using APA or MLA format
  • Discuss how you feel this move will affect the future of technology and if you think this is a good move by Microsoft.

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