answer some questions 8

Just one paragraph for each questions.

Use your own words, do not copy anything!

What role did statues play in Egyptian funerary practices?

Please describe why the construction of the Great Pyramids at Gizeh is considered to be an important technological achievement.

What is the palette of King Narmer? How can we tell by looking which figure is the king?

What is a mastaba? How does its form relate to its function?

What are Egyptian tomb statues used for? In other words why are they in tombs? Does this purpose affect their appearance? If yes, how?

In what context did scenes of the hunt often appear, and why was it an appropriate subject for its setting?

Who was Hatshepsut and how was this pharaoh represented in art?

Please list 3 defining characteristics of the pylon temple plan and its layout.

What observations can made about naturalism in Egyptian art?

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