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Experimental, Observational, and Survey Research

  1. Identify and define the different types of research.
  2. Discuss the varying applications of each type of research, explaining why one might be chosen over the others given different research problems.
  3. Provide an example of each type of research that you found from your library or other research.
  4. Discuss which one(s) of these types of research are most appropriate for your selected topic and explain why.

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Experimental research means when the researcher manipulates one of the variables and controls the rest of the variables. It is used to investigate the cause and effect relationship as well as to study the relationship among one variable and another. The research is quantitative where researcher compares two or more groups on one or more variables. (Siegle, n.d) Observational research means where the researcher observes the behaviour of the participants. The observation is done natural settings. This type of research is most often used in social sciences. The special types of observational research are archival research and case studies. (McLeod, 1970). Survey research sociological investigation method which utilizes the statistical surveys or questions to collect the information from the participants’ for instance how effective mass media is to assist in the public opinion. (Price et al., 2015.)

The different application of experimental research is that it allows knowing the cause and effect relationship between the variables, which is not provided in any other Research Design. Similarly, an observational method allows observing the participants in natural settings, which makes it different from other research designs. The survey research offers the ability to ask the respondents which are not available in any other research design.

The example of experimental research is: to know the impact of students results after the training. The example of observational research is: to know the impact on the patients suffering from malaria before and after taking the medication. The example of Survey method is: to know the job satisfaction level among the employees of a particular organization.

The research types applicable to the selected topic are experimental research and observational research. The reason behind using experimental research is that it tries to identify the effect of music on the psychological functions. The cause is the music and effect is the psychological functions. The reason behind using the observational research is that the researcher will observe the situation of the psychological functions before and after using music during the stressful situation.


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