network security 22

Referring to at least three research papers, you are required to study an IoT architecture and recommend an OSI security architecture by answering the following tasks:

Task 1:

Submit a work proposal within 24 hours which must include:

  • Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables
  • General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to all the tasks
  • Timeline for assignment works
  • Resources identified
  • TASK 2.A: Summarize and describe any IoT architecture.

    (Hint: you should include a diagram of IoT Architecture then identify and describe the

    architecture layers in details)

    TASK 2.B: Analyze and describe the security concerns (attacks) on IoT architecture.

    (Hint: identify the possible attacks on each IoT architecture layers, describe the scenario of

    each attack and its effect on IoT system.)

    TASK 2.C: recommend security services and mechanisms to countermeasure the attacks. (PKI)

    Provide a detailed description for each service and mechanism. Then, provide a clear diagram of your IoT security architecture.

    (Hint: identify the security service that could detect/prevent the attack in each layer, then describe mechanisms to implement the identified services.)

    ** Total word Counts = 3000 words Only.

    ** In-text Citation and References for all parts Using CU Harvard Style.

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