research method ii 5 multiple choice question assignment

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So you took Stats I and Stats II at and passed. But do you remember what you did, how you did it, and why you did it? If you need some basic statistics reminder for the Two Way (factorial) ANOVA, this is the lecture for you! I am going to talk about a Two Way ANOVA example corresponding to the example you will see later in Chapter 12 of your Smith and Davis textbook. Rather than looking at just one independent variable, though, this “crash course” looks at a design that has two or more independent variables. For example, let’s continue to look at the style of customer clothing as one IV (we will focus on sloppy clothes versus casual clothes), but we will also look at a second independent variable: client gender (male versus female). As you can see here, we have TWO independent variables (hence the Two Way ANOVA), but here we have four conditions: sloppy males, sloppy females, casual males, and casual females. Although I encourage you to read Chapter 12 to fully understand the Two Way ANOVA, this mini-lecture will sum up the basics for you a lot earlier in the semester. On the final page are several questions based on this crash course. Answer these questions, and then go into your “Crash Course in Statistics – The Two Way ANOVA Quiz #5” in your blackboard assessments menu and copy over your answer. Each Crash Course Quiz counts 10 points.

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