chem 1 lab report 4

Hello all, I will have grades entered for lab 3 reports on Saturday. With that being said, for my Monday lab sections I will not extend the due date, so make sure to have them finished and turned in by the start of your lab. Here are some things to make sure you include in your lab reports:

Introduction (2)

-Purpose of the lab


-Do NOT include the list of equipment/materials or safety hazards/MSDS

Procedure (3)

-Paragraph format for each part (part 1, part 2, part 3)

-NO bullet points.

Data (5)

-Part 1: observation table (test matrix)

-Part 3: Flow chart

Data Analysis (5)

-Part 1: data analysis—– only include reactions that have a color change or form a precipitate

Conclusion (5)

-Restate purpose of the lab

-Restate objectives

-State whether the objectives were met

-Sources of error

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