alternative media analysis

  • 1500-2000 words.
  • 12pt font (Times New Roman or Arial), double-spaced, default margins and line spacing.
  • Meaningfully include at least two scholarly resources not on our syllabus.
  • o Please cite these references at the end of your essay (MLA or Chicago style).

    o This will be helpful for scholarly resources:…

    Part 1: Explain and define your alternative medium.

  • Select a medium that is NOT television or film.
  • This section must explain in detail the formal qualities of your medium.
  • o You do not need to list every single formal quality of your medium, but please describe

    some of the key ones

    o Think of our chapter on film vocabulary (mise en scene, lighting, editing, etc.). What are

    some of the vocabulary of your medium?

    o You may define these in-text or you may list them like a glossary, but I will be looking for

    your use of these terms in your paper.

  • You may, additionally, describe your topic is an alternative medium per other criteria.
  • o e.g. “Mosh pits are a kind of dance, but they are also their own medium because…”

    o You must base your argument in the formal qualities of your medium.

    o Scholarly resources and/or interviews will be needed to support these claims.

    Part 2: Do a semiotic analysis of a text from your alternative medium.

  • You may do this analysis on a text from the medium itself OR of a representation of that medium.
  • o e.g. you may analyze a specific experience of being in a mosh pit OR a mosh pit as it’s

    represented in a different medium, like the documentary The Decline of Western


  • I expect your analysis to use the vocabulary we have learned in class.
  • o e.g. signifiers, connotation/denotation, codes, myths.

  • An example of a strong semiotic analysis can be found here:

    Part 3: Do an ideological reading of your text.

  • Is your text ideologically dominant or radical? Or something else? (e.g. subversive,
  • propagandistic)

    o Use your semiotic analysis to support your claim.

  • What power structures are being maintained or naturalized? Which ones are being challenged?
  • How?

    . You may also connect your analysis to your own personal experiences.

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