it job paper 1

Dear writer,

I asked you month or more about paper that I attached, and I got 0.0% and professor comment was

( no Works Cited sources; failed to follow MLA format; Word Count: 1155; Grade Level: 14.2 )

so, can you fix that mistakes please for me as soon as. she asked me to re do it.

Individual Paper

  • Submit Final version of paper
  • Body of the Paper must be between 1,000 – 1,500 words
  • Include a title page
  • Choose a job in the IT field that interests you:
    • List the job
    • Explain why you will pursue this job in the future
    • Previous knowledge about this job
    • Research and identify the duties & responsibilities involved
    • Why the position is considered an IT position?
    • How is this position important to the IT field?
    • What is unique about this position compared to other IT jobs
    • Explain how you see this position in 10 years
    • Can this position be automated, thus eliminating human presence in the position? If so, how? If not, why not?
    • Include anything else you would like to discuss about the choice you made regarding an IT job.

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