answer the questions 239

Answer the following questions with 3-4 paragraph:

– Why is it important to ask the “right question(s)?”

– What process or selection criteria should be used to determine the question(s) to ask?

– Why should individuals not be afraid to ask a question?

– Making individual decisions can be rather routine. However, if another person is added to the consideration process, then decision-making can become more cumbersome. Why is decision-making more complex whenever more than one person is involved?

– Research the terms “group think” and “decision paralysis.” Then, provide insight into the reasons that these things might have occurred during the last class (related to my question about the Final Exam).

– Why did the class collectively sign a blank check (if you will) in reference to the Mid-Term / Final Exam discussion and subsequent decision? Was this a wise decision; why or why not?

– What is something that I said individuals should always do; what is it; why wasn’t it done this time? Which mitigation strategies were used; what other strategies could have been used/considered?

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