business analysis maturity model project

The project will be done individually and submitted individually.Project Grades are individual. The deliverable will be a 5-10 slide PowerPoint deck. You will add speaker notes on the note section of each slide (this is what you would say during a presentation).

The Presentation will consist of:

  • Objective and Context: The objectives of the project and a brief statement of the organizational context for the organization studied
  • Assessment Framework: A description of the factors and scales used to rate each of the aspects of BA Leadership Maturity. Minimum three factors. Each factor should have one or more scales.
  • The Findings: The process used to conduct the assessment and ratings of the organization for the organization studied. Findings should be provided for each factor. You will not provide raw data, only a summary of the findings.
  • Conclusions and Next Steps:Recommendations on steps that can be taken to further improve performance using BA Practices, for the organization studied

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