Proposition Current Event Sheet

Choose one proposition that is on the November 2018 Ballot in the State of California. Answer all questions in using complete sentences. No more than two pages per proposition – 1.5 spaces typed. Must be original work or a citation must be assigned. A complete works cited page must be the last page of the packet.

Point breakdown:

25% for completely answering the question

25% for using examples to illustrate your answer

25% for using course terminology

25% for organizing legible sentences and paragraphs

Part 1 – Due November 6 by 11:59am

1.What is the Proposition number and name?

2.What are the basics facts of the proposition?

3.Breakdown the pros and cons or the proposition.

4.What interest groups are in favor and what interest groups are opposed to the prop?

5.What is the financial impact on the California, city, and/or the individual?

6.Why is this topic important in political science?

7.How does the media perceive this proposition and each side of the debate?

8.Why do you think the people had to create the proposition and not have a legislator create it as a piece of legislation?

9.What are your personal opinions on the prop? Is it well written? Should it have been a law and not a prop?

10.What are the titles of the articles you are using to gather your information and where did you find the articles (the newspaper/ website)?

11.What was the date the articles were posted?

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