essay writing 66

What is it about the world that makes it necessary for a student finish their education and what skills, if any, allow a student to find academic success? EX thesis: High unemployment and an increasingly skilled market place makes it necessary for a student to finish their education so having good study habits, understanding resources, and a clear academic plan allows a person to be successful. Obviously, this is a perspective piece. Some of you will choose to take a more global view; others may choose something closer to home. The topie works either way. The following criteria apply: – You must use an intro strategy device (AKA Intro Grabber or Lead-ins) for your intro paragraph conclusion. The kind of grabber must be idenitied in () before the opening paragraph.) Your thesis should be clearly stated and a direct answer to question # 1 ( Your thesis must be underlined so that I know you know what your thesis is) Each support paragraph should start with a topic sentence that relstes to and supports your thesis and your purpose (Topic sentence should be in Ihalics) Each support paragraph should have plenty of specific and detailed support in the form of examples, explanation, data, dates, and explanations. (At least two to four examples in each body paragraph and these too, MUST relate to the thesis and your purpose as a writer) Your conclusion should circle back or echo your grabber/thesis/title -This is a 4/5-page piece so word choice matters. You must say what you need to say clearly, stay to the point, and remember why you are writing What do you want to say? Do your words reflect that message? Please pay special attention to the rhetorical moves between sentences, i.e.: transitions (there should be at least three transitions in each paragraph! And they should be in BOLD type) This includes transitions between both paragraphs and word transitions and transitional phrases. Again, the purpose of a transition is to LEAD the reader from a previous thought to the next thought in a logical progression so that at all times, your reader understands how your words relate to your thesis and purpose. This Essay must be turned in with ALL wriften on drafts (words, punctuation/sentences, paragraph patterns essay ABC check), and a complete Works Cited Page along with self-check rubrics. Each draft is worth 20 pts for 100 total points possible. THIS IS ONLY GRADED for completion and accuracy and makes yo eligible for an A

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