issc342 outline and research paper

Hello I will need the outline before June 2, 2019. This is a two part assignment

Write an outline for your paper addressing a course-related topic, such as operating system security issue, such as hardening, malware removal, establishing proper policies and permissions, protection against network threats, etc.

The outline should:

  1. be 1-2 pages or about 500 words
  2. include a title page
  3. include an introduction paragraph
  4. include paragraph headers and subheaders – write a paragraph for each header/subheader explaining what you will plan in writing in the particular header/subheader
  5. include a references page
  6. all in APA format

The second part is the actual project paper due weeks from now.

Prepare a 8-10 page double-spaced (not including title or reference pages) research paper based on any topic in the text or something covered in this class. Please note the Presentation is from week 7 should be a comprehensive detailed overview of this paper

Paper organization will include:

  • Introduction
    • Clearly define the problem, issue, or desired topic that was researched.
    • Starts out broad and becomes more and more specific.
  • Body
    • Present the relevant literature and ideas.
    • Identify relations, contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in the literature.
    • Possible solutions to any problem(s) identified.
  • Conclusion
  • References (at least ten).


  • An in-depth submission that is free of spelling and grammar errors in APA format.
  • Double-spaced format (APA) with a readable style and font and submitted inside the electronic classroom (unless classroom access is not possible and other arrangements have been approved by the professor).
  • 12-point font Times New Roman styles.
  • Page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inch, with reasonable accommodation being made for special situations and online submission variances
  • Important: Good academic writing requires writers to cite the sources of all facts in text. If you state that the sky is blue then you must cite who said it. A good rule of thumb is one citation per paragraph; paragraphs 3-5 sentences (This is how to avoid unintentional plagiarism). Papers are always written in third person past tense as you are writing about events in the past from the point of view of an observer. The student or writer proposed; One must observe; The leaders at APUS choose the following systems….for the following reasons:


This project is setup so that each week the concepts presented can be directly applied and added to the project.

The weekly assignments will help reinforce and provide ideas/considerations lending guidance to the project.

Supporting Materials

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