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Assignment Guidelines: The primary purpose with this paper is to make clear what questions need to be asked, and how you think you can answer them. As you make a choice of topic and problem to research you should keep that in mind. Any topic that doesn’t need any questions answered, or problems that have already been solved, would limit your ability to achieve this purpose. The primary audience of this paper will technically be me; however, you should consider a broader audience of scholars in your topic’s fields of study as the audience you want to address through this proposal. When writing you will want to maintain a clear focus on the purpose of your planned research project. Regardless of the topic or discipline you are working in, your research proposal will need to address the following three questions in some way. 1. What do you want to learn? 2. Why is it important to study it? 3. How do you plan to accomplish your goals? General Evaluation Criteria: When I review your drafts I will be looking for the following components: ● A clear working title ● A concise description of your general topic ● A brief introduction into the problem or unanswered question ● An outline of the information needed to solve/answer it. ● A discussion about how you can find or collect that information ● A conclusion justifying the direction and scope of the research project

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