read 3 articles summarize main points and answer questions

Part II: Reading/Video Analysis Unless otherwise stated, links to readings and videos are provided in the syllabus.

1. Read Chapter 6 from Engineering and Sustainable Community Development by Lucena (posted on the course website). What were the positive and negative outcomes of the project? How “sustainable” was it? What lessons do you draw? (100-200 words)

2. Read pp. 133-147 & 153-155 in The Field Guide to Human Centered Design. What are the key points? (100-200 words)

3. Read “The Power of Lean Data” by Dichter, Adams, and Ebrahim. What are the key points? (100-200 words)…

4. (No reading for this question) What do you feel is the responsibility of engineers and designers in the creation of socially just and ecologically sustainable solutions? How is this responsibility shared with others (e.g., end users, policymakers)? What are the limits of this responsibility? Draw upon facts, values, and ethical principles to support your position. (100-200 words)

You can write 125 words per question. No format requirements.

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