discussion response 112

Respond to the two discussion questions:


The Belhaven Academic Help page has numerous resources to assist and guide students with assignments and research. It has an array of videos, guides, and tutorials on math, formatting styles, citing sources, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. There are also links to guides, instructions, and writing workshops. This page seems to be the total package and truly encompasses academic help.

Having these resources in one convenient location is a great asset, and it is a testament to Belhaven’s commitment to each student’s academic success. However, Belhaven’s commitment to Christianity is just as important, and there are many spiritual resources available on the Belhaven Academic Help page that coincide with Belhaven’s mission of preparing students academically and spiritually.

Since it’s been a while that I’ve had writing assignments, I found Zotero, under the Resource Management heading, very interesting. Having a research tool that collects and organizes data into sortable collections will come in handy with writing assignments, and it even creates references and bibliographies!

I also found the resources under the Writing Assistance heading very useful in providing me with new information as well as reminding me of things that I had forgotten. I found the Grammarly tutorial to be helpful. It included far more than just merely checking for grammatical errors. It has additional applications for Chrome, Windows, and Microsoft Office, and it automatically saves all submitted documents in its cloud. I will use it significantly as I continue with my graduate program as well as with work assignments in my career going forward.


Belhaven’s Blazenet academic help page contains various links to aid students through their journey while in college. Upon reviewing the website and various links, I learned that this website is where people who are enrolled at Belhaven can receive writing assistance. This academic help page will aid students in formatting an APA style paper, as well as, citing references.Also, it aids in formatting an MLA style paper, as well as, citing references. This webpage also has a section that offers tutorials for the 2016 and 2013 versions of Microsoft Word. In addition, Belhaven’s Blazenet academic help page also has resources to help students with the Bible throughout their time at the university. Moreover, the Belhaven’s Blazenet academic help page has a section that contains links for math tutorials if a student is struggling. Subsequently, something I would like to learn on the Belhaven’s Blazenet academic help page is higher level math instead of just Algebra basics and Algebra 1.

A useful resource on the Belhaven’s Blazenet academic help page that will help me during my educational journey is the APA Assistance section. The APA Assistance section contains links that will aid in formatting a paper in APA. It also has videos on how to reference different type of sources in the APA format. When writing a paper, I will be using the APA paper template as a visual guide to show me what my paper is supposed to look like. Additionally, this section will assist me in how to reference different sources in the APA format. This resource would be beneficial with the various writing assignments in this course and throughout my academic career at Belhaven.

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