please write me two argument which should follow the requirement

Make two argument assignment about any specific theme you saw represented in what you watched for today. I will post 2 materials and you can find the episode you need to read, then write this argument. I will also post rubric and requirement for this argument assignment, so you can just follow it.

Argument one material: watch all four episodes (available on Hulu): The Twilight Zone – “The Obsolete Man” [season 2, episode 29] The Twilight Zone – “The Brain Center at Whipple’s” [season 5, episode 33] Star Trek: The Original Series – “Space Speed” [season 1, episode 22] Star Trek: The Next Generation – “The Measure of a Man” [season 2, episode 9]

Argument two material: watch all three episodes (available on Hulu): The Orville – “About a Girl” [season 1, episode 3] Futurama – “Neutopia” [season 8, episode 1] Rick and Morty – “Get Schwifty” [season 2, episode 5]

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