nurse leader report part 1

Nurse Leader Report Part 1: The Pre-Interview

This week, submit your template Click for more options

with section 1 complete.

  • Select a Nurse Leader to interview. The nurse leader must be a Registered Nurse who is a supervisor, manager, director, or Nurse Executive. Other types of nurse leaders may be interviewed with your instructor’s approval if they have programmatic leadership responsibilities within an organization (e.g. Education Specialist, Infection Control Specialist, Stroke Coordinator, Quality Specialist, Nurse Informatics Specialist, etc.)
  • Fill out part 1 of the template
    • Complete your information and the nurse leaders information. Be sure to find out as much information about your chosen leader so you may tailor your questions appropriately.
    • Prepare a list of questions PRIOR to the interview, based on the preliminary information you have learned about your nurse.
    • Submit the template with part 1 completed.

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