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Locate the results of a recent survey that shows at least two variables in a newspaper, magazine, or Internet article. Outline the survey data so that your peers can understand the variables and results, and then identify at least one key formula from this module that you could use to evaluate the data. Provide a brief explanation of why you selected the formula you did and why it matters. Also, explain what the formula is, where it is in the textbook, and clearly define your parameters.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced. Post your initial response early, and check back often to continue the discussion. Be sure to respond to your peers and instructors posts, as well.

Advice: to you this week is to focus on inferences about the differences between two population means or proportions. (Chapter 10) It is just way too easy to get wrapped up in all of the ANOVA formulas (which are not intuitive).

The inferences about two means or two proportions are just hypothesis test with slightly more complicated hypothesis statements and test statistics.

To set yourself up for success, look for a survey that involves responses from several different groups of people. Then you can set up a hypothesis test (or a test of independence) to compare the responses from the different groups.

Textbook infro is attached: This discussion will result in questions after the initional post.

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