i have 2 question and you only need to answer one 1

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i will post 3 questions here choose one and write at least 200 words about it. i would prefer to use this book as your source

(David Emory Shi, America: The Essential Learning Edition — Volume I, 2nd Edition, W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. (2018)

Question 1: Why did France and Great Britain go to war with one another in the 1750s and 1760s? What role did the colonies play in the conflict and how did it create circumstances in the British colonies in North America that would escalate tensions between the colonists and Great Britain?

Question 2: What were some of the key events that seemed to place the colonies on a path to independence from the 1600s into the mid-1700s? How and why were the colonists increasingly inclined to seek independence from the British Empire?

Question 3: How and why did the rebelling colonists secure victory in the American Revolution? In framing your response, be sure to consider not only military maneuverings, but also important political, social, and cultural developments.

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