dashboard design document

Although you are not required to submit an actual dashboard for this project, it is worthwhile to develop a document that could guide you in designing a dashboard.

To begin this project read the following two presentations (along with any additional research you may need):

In an actual dashboard design project, you would meet with management stakeholders to define and agree on the metrics that you wish to track with, but for this exercise, you will need to define those metrics based on your familiarity with the Adventure Works business case. Using these principles and your knowledge of Adventure Works and their business processes, you will now draw up a design document for a business dashboard for the company. Remember to address these elements in your dashboard design:

  • Include the types and sources of data you will be using and create at least one diagram showing the dashboard layout. (NOTE: Your dashboard may have different screens so feel free to add additional diagrams as needed.)
  • Make sure each component in a dashboard represents one report.
  • Your dashboard should only include data that are relevant to the specific business goal(s) it was designed to support.
  • Your dashboard should have at least three columns with up to 20 total components.
  • Make sure you dashboard is organized to allow the user to ‘drill down’ and access lower level, more detailed data.
  • Your dashboard should be clearly formatted, professional looking and easy to interpret.

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