peer responses discussion recognizing psychopathy in children 1

Watch the video Psychopath in the Family (cc) and discuss some intervention strategies that you may use if it were your own child demonstrating psychopathic tendencies.

In response to your peers’ posts, explain how the intervention strategy may help or hinder their children’s development.


Now, i am not one to diagnose or give my opinion where i have to knowledge of the topic however, i know a little bit about this. I have a nephew, he jsut turned 6, he displays a lot of Callous-Unemotional traits. It has disrupted him in school, he goes to therapy, he has a BSC come to his house every week, his custody agreement with his mother and father is a mess so his routine has been messed up, but there are so many traits he meets it makes me wonder. Anyway, i have a son who is 2. Still hard to distinguish traits because he is learning, but when he sees someone fall or get hurt he feels up said and starts saying “uh oh” and this look of worry displays on this face as he starts to whine, just enough to let you know he is upset. However, if this were to happen, we would take necessary measures. report our concerns to our doctor, have him checked and go from there. If the doctor recommended a certian target therapy we would engage in that. We would love him a little extra because we know there is a lot going on in his mind. I would speak to my child’s teachers and closest peers parent’s or friends in general and ask them what they think of his behavior, without saying the actual words because i would not want them to agree with what i am saying


Breaking the rules and not listening are just some common mistakes that humans make throughout their lives. What is often not normal, is the way that psychopaths tend to go through life with no emotional attachments causing them to break the rules and not listen much more often than the standard human. One horrifying aspect to many families around the world is psychopathic children. When a parent realizes their child is emotionally detached and completely interoperable, it can be horrendous.

Some tactics that I would use on my child if he or she were demonstrating psychopathic tendencies would be not to give in, emotional bonding, and eye contact. It has been proven in studies that punishment does not affect psychopathic children. If a psychopathic child is punished for an act, he or she does, they will not learn their lesson and engage in the lousy act once again. There have also been many studies that eye contact when emotionally bonding with your psychopathic child is what showed the most significant results of improvement. Therefore, if I were a parent with a psychopathic child, I would work on eye contact and emotional bonding the most.

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