in depth essay about a particular religious group and compare it to another one

Prompt: Write a 7-8-page (c.1400-1600 words) paper, including references and endnotes. The paper topic can be either an in-depth historical treatment of a single group (including the same one as for the single-issue review) or a comparison of two groups, using more than one methodology

I did my outline on Jehovah’s Witness (it is attached below) .. so basically what I need is talk in depth about Jehovah’s Witnesses and explain the characteristics of the leader of this religion and how he was able to make people believe in him. also I attached below some other religious groups try to compare one of them to Jehovah’s Witnesses and explain the similarities they share and the differences they have. also use 3 to 4 good sources and use SHORT and STRAIGHTFORWARD quotes please.

please make sure no plagiarism

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