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250 word response to each classmate including 1-2 scholarly references for each response to each classmate.

1) Courtney Glicken

Topic 5 DQ 1 (Obj. 5.1 and 5.2)

When deciding what online survey tool to use, the researcher needs to review the previous literature, and pick a survey that is related to their goals and adapt it to their specific needs, with permission from the original author (Sheperis, Young, & Daniels, 2017). Doing this will ensure the survey is high quality (Sheperis, Young, & Daniels, 2017), and is reliable and valid. The researchers could also create their own survey, if they follow the necessary guidelines and can create an unbiased survey.

When selecting the participants, the first consideration needs to be what sample is needed to answer the research question. If the topic being researched involves children, the researcher can rule anyone out that is not a child; if it is about college students, only college students need to be considered. Once that is established, the researcher needs to figure out how to get their survey out to their sample population. For the case of an online survey, researchers would want to consider populations where getting their email is readily available, or visiting a place of work or organization to obtain the necessary information (Sheperis, Young, & Daniels, 2017). For instance, if they wanted to research college students in their freshman year who came from out of state, they could get the email addresses from the university, with permission.

In order to create assurance of informed consent and confidentiality, the informed consent process must include the purpose of the study, the duration, the procedure, any risks and benefits (Office for Human Research Protections, 1993), and I would also inform the client that if they choose not to participate, that will in no way affect their treatment process. When explaining the study, everything should be said in a way the client can understand, no scientific jargon, and the consent process is an ongoing process (Office for Human Research Protections, 1993). If anything in the study changes, the researchers need to inform the participants. During the informed consent process, the researchers will inform the participants the extend to which their personal information will be given out and what will be held in confidence (Office for Human Research Protections, 1993).

If using someone else’s survey, reviewing the literature and other studies that used the survey as well, can indicate whether the survey is reliable and valid. It will also prove valid for the researchers project if it will give answers to the question they are researching, and if they can prove it is reliable by repeating the survey in some form.


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Sheperis, C. J., Young, J. S., & Daniels, M. H. (2017). Counseling research: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

2) John Gallegos

Topic 5 DQ 1 (Obj. 5.1 and 5.2)

Hello Everyone,

The advantages of using online surveys is that the cost of sending out a questionnaire or survey to gather results is low. There is not needing to buy stamps, printout or buys stationary. When sending the survey or having the surveys available by mobile device or internet, its fast at getting the results. It is more efficient, and the data is always organized. The question that are displayed online are more effective because the internet tracks the persons profile or current interests. It easier to send the survey to more people and easier for the right population to input the data (In Sue & Ritter, 2012, p.7). On the other hand, the disadvantages of online research only work for specific reasons and method of research. The thing that limits the research is coverage bias. Sometimes the software that conducts or stores the data is not efficient due to technical issues in access to internet. Sometimes there are more internet surveys then can be expected which overloads the system (In Sue & Ritter, 2012, p.7).

Online tools that are used for surveys and research are the internet, smart phones, and new technological advances. It is usually in the form of a questionnaire that is easy to use. The participant can be random selected for an increased or convenient sample size. The participant should have full anonymity and target specific minority population (Sheperis, Young & Daniels, 2017, p. 257). People that are interested in curtain things related to the survey can be tracked online. Google tracks where a person has been so the information related to that topic can trigger a pop up for the participant to open the survey (In Sue & Ritter, 2012, p.9).

Informed consent and confidentiality are used as a part of a procedure. It’s important to make the client aware that the survey is confidential and that the information can never be traced back to the origin of the participant. Online security must be encrypted and made aware of. Informed consent suggests the information will be used for education or specific reasons, make it clear if the there is any risks or guidelines involved (In Sue & Ritter, 2012, p.13). The reliability and validity of your application of the survey measurement instrument. The ethical guidelines should be recommended, and the use of anti-spam filters should be used.


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3) E. Mi Resp

Topic 5 DQ 2 (Obj. 5.4)
……, when we are looking at using qualitative or quantitative methodologies we want to look at the research question and identify what it is trying to solve. For example, if the research question is trying to show that a phenomenon is present we would most likely use a qualitative methodology. However, if the research question is trying to identify a relationship between variables we are most likely going to need a quantitative methodology with a detailed statistical analysis. Do you agree or disagree and why?


Topic 5 DQ 2 (Obj. 5.4)

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