is motivational interviewing sucessful 1

Each student will need to research this therapy model and come to their own conclusion to its effectiveness in the recovery process.

Please include the following within your paper:

1. Provide a brief introduction to the Motivational Interviewing.

2. Prepare a brief synopsis of the various other therapeutic models.

3. Use appropriate information from text to support data claims.

4. Use external research to enhance and support your paper.

5. Conclude and summarize.

Submit the text contents of your Motivational Interviewing Paper via the text box of this Journal link. Please be sure to attach it to this Journal link as well. The research paper should be no more than 2 to 3 pages in length using APA 6th edition format. The paper will also have a cover page identifying the course, paper title, author, date and instructor. The analysis should be typed and double spaced. The purpose of the exercise is gain a more accurate understanding of Motivational Interviewing and its relevance in today’s treatment protocols.

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