discussion 2120

There is 3 discussion topics i need you to do for each one 5 to 8 sentences if you need anything just text me . For the third discussion there is a fi

1 the crime picture

Watch the following clip from ABC News: Dunwoody Trial: The Insanity Defense

Do you feel that in the Sneiderman case the Insanity Defense was appropriate? Explain you reasoning and provide an alternative defense if you feel the Insanity Defense wasn’t appropriate.

2 criminal law

Please answer the following question:

If you could use only one source of crime data on which to develop policies, would you chose the UCR, NCVS, or self-report surveys? Explain your choice.

3 issues and challenges

Read the attached report from the National Institute of Justice. Based on the report do you think Body Worn Cameras could be used to address many of the criticisms of police? Why or why not?

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