the normal probability distribution 1

The Normal Probability Distribution

In §6.2 we are introduced to the Normal Probability Distribution and the special case of the Normal Probability Distribution, the Standard Normal Probability Distribution, which is a Normal Probability Distribution with mean (u) zero and variance (σ2) one.

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One way to find probabilities from a Standard Normal Distribution is to use probability tables.

  • What exactly is a z score?
  • What do we need to know to calculate a z score? (What variables?)
  • What is the point of finding a z score? What are we doing?
  • There is a z table in your book, or you can use an online one. A hint from Dr. Klotz: This is my favorite online z table. Don’t lose that link!
  • According to the table, what is the probability when z ≤ -3.00? Would that be a common occurrence or a rare occurrence?
  • According to the table, what are the z scores for z ≤-2.15 and z ≤2.15? What about z ≤ -0.55 and z ≤ 0.55?
  • Add each pair. Why do they total 1?

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