iep book summary 1

write a summary of at least 150 words for each of the seven sections. Each section must be addressed thoroughly with a descriptive and detailed entry. Each of the seven sections must be written in APA format, including one direct quote citation (under 40 words in length) from the Claxton text per section (in each of the 7 sections).

  • Introduction (This is your own introduction to your paper and should include what your paper will be about.)
  • Chapter 1: The Law and Students with Special Needs
  • Chapter 2: Parents and the IEP Process
  • Chapter 3: Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance
  • Chapter 4: IEP Goals
  • Christian Perspective Gained
  • Conclusion (This is your own conclusion to the paper you just wrote and should be a concise summary of what your paper was about.)

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