Provide two recommendations about factors that couldimprove the methodology and approach used in the

Provide two recommendations about factors that couldimprove the methodology and approach used in the data analysisbelow.
Data Analysis Specific to Equinox’s Need. Theinformation that is going to be pertinent for analysis specific tothat of Equinox’s needs are going to include the values of membershifts, the number of clubs, the amount of revenue throughmembership cost, personal training, and other areas. Being able totrack the amount of members per year will show Equinox if there isany growth throughout the company; the number of open clubs willallow for the analysis of members per club and if the addition ofthe facilities was beneficial as a whole. Revenue tracking is goingto be essential as the data from these methods are going to be keyfactors in the evaluation of what is bringing in the most amount ofmoney and how to shift efforts in areas that need to seeincreases.
Source and type of information collected andanalyzed. The health and fitness industry in 2012 alonehad generated over $75 billion dollars in revenue, with more than150,000 fitness facilities and over 131 million members worldwide.(Andeasson & Johansson, 2014) The Bureau of Labor Statisticspredicts that over the next decade the fitness employment will seea growth of 10%, ranked among the highest increase from alloccupational outlooks. (BLS, 2018) As these numbers show thereshould be an increase in the amount of business being done by allfacilities, comparing to the market Equinox should be no differentand gauge their growth along with the international standard. Thefilings to the Securities and Exchanges Commission by EquinoxHoldings Inc. are going to show the most accurate numbers acrossthe years to determine the direction the company had seen. Thevisual breakdown of the exact data in these statements can show thepercentage fluctuations in each category from year to year. Byevaluating which areas are seeing continual gains or losses willshow management and decision makers which programs to continue,which to consider removing, and which clubs have the greatestmember numbers to possibly see new expansion in those areas. . . .

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