International Marketing Management (Mkt 501)Instructions:Please read the following instructions care

International Marketing Management (Mkt 501)Instructions:Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the quiz.• This quiz consists of 20 multiple choice question (MCQs) carrying 1 mark each.• Due date for quiz submission is April 19, 2016• Read the question statement carefully and select one most appropriate answer for each MCQ. Selection of double options will be marked ZERO.TARGET 90% MARKS.• All instructions will be considered while marking. So, be careful while attempting the quiz.• You must attempt the quiz in the following tabular formatshape:Q No.Selected option1a2b3c• Make sure that you upload the solution in WORD Format only and according to above mentioned “Tabular Format”; otherwise the quiz will be marked as zero ‘0’.• Make sure that you upload your solution file on VULMS before the due date/time. No solution will be accepted through e-mail after the due date.• If you have any problem with your VULMS or uploading, then you can send your quiz through e-mail within the time limit at• Cheating or copying of solution is strictly prohibited; no credit will be given to copied solution.• No quiz will be accepted through your personal e-mail accounts (e.g. Yahoo, hotmail, gmail)• Once you uploaded the quiz on VULMS, it will not be replaced in any case after due date.1.Which of the following markets involve decisions such as: what country to enter in, how to enter, how to adopt their product and services, and how to price?a. Consumer marketsb. Business marketsc. Global marketsd. Government markets2.Pictures and specification of product are added in which of the following part of the marketing plan?a. Financial summaryb. Executive summaryc. Situation analysisd. Appendix3.Which of the following is known as a set of marketing tools used by the firm to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market?a. Marketing mixb. Promotion mixc. Product mixd. Offering mix4.Needs become _________, when they are directed towards a specific objecta.Actual needsb.Wantsc.Satisfactionsd.Demands5.Market –oriented firms focus on:a. Customersb. Distributorsc. Retailersd. Wholesalers6.Which of the following is a supportive service?a. Packagingb. Labelingc. Promotiond. Delivery7.Which of the following BEST describes the consumer’s preference for products that are widely available to them?a. Production conceptb.Marketing conceptc.Selling conceptd.Product concept8.When a company designs the product with little or no input from customer, the company is practicing:a. Production conceptb. Product conceptc. Selling conceptd. Marketing concept9.All are the example of unsought goods EXCEPT:a.Insurance policyb.Course booksc.Encyclopediad.Funeral plots10.Retailers are considered under the _____________________ environment.a. Broadb. Weakc. Taskd. Competitive11.Which of the following is a controllable factor for marketers?a.Economyb.Technologyc.Competitiond.Corporate culture12.Which of the following is included in task environment?a. Economyb. Technologyc. Mediad. Promotion13.The decisions regarding bundling of a product are related to:a. Productb. Pricec. Distributiond. Promotion14.Decisions regarding covering area of a product are included in which of the following marketing strategy of a market plan?a.Productb.Pricingc.Promotiond.Place15.Which of the following is NOT a component of a marketing plan?a. Environmental analysisb. Marketing advantagesc. Executive summaryd. Implementation16.Which of the following is NOT a type of vertical integration?a.Backward vertical integrationb.Forward vertical integrationc.Balanced vertical integrationd.Unbalanced vertical integration17.Financial summary of a marketing plan includes all EXCEPT:a. Assumptionsb. Breakeven analysisc. Month-by-month agendad. Pro-forma income statement18.In which of the following marketing strategy companies develop the brand name, brand image and product portfolio analysis?a. Productb. Pricingc. Promotiond. Distribution19.Which of the following is usually the target of a market challenger?a.Market followerb.Market leaderc.Market nicherd.Market segment20. Which of the following market dominance strategy involves less risk of competitive attacks?a.Leadersb.Challengersc.Followersd.Nichers

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